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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Got Press!!

When the associate editor of Midwest CEO Magazine went looking for the latest professional to feature in his December issue, he went straight to the Internet. Dayne Logan was looking for a cartoonist to feature in the magazines Goat Locker section.

Each month a person is selected and their unusual or unique working environment is focused on in the magazine section. Logan ended up on MY blog and found several photos I posted showing my fun cartoon studio. I was contacted by email and agreed to a short phone interview about Curtoons and an in-studio photo shoot.

Midwest CEO Magazine is a regional magazine and can be found in most large book stores. From Denver to St. Louis, Kansas City to Oklahoma City, businesses in the Midwest all face a similar set of challenges and can learn from each others solutions. These solutions, tips and articles are what you will find in each issue of Midwest CEO. Visit their site.

Read the short article here

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Party Invitations

Cocktail Party Invitation - Martini

I'm adding some great new 5 x 5 invitations to the ChuckleBerry's mix. These great square invites are perfect for inviting guests to your next event. They come in packs of 6 and include the same great colorful, polka dotted envelopes as the other cards.

The first invitation is pictured above. It's a great cocktail party invitation called "a partini".

Buy the card.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Marketing The Brand

It's time to start marketing ChuckeBerry's on a grander scale. My goal is to promote my greeting cards online at first through a bit of viral marketing. I have created a ChuckleBerry's FaceBook page to help with this goal.

Visit the ChuckleBerry's FaceBook Page and become a fan!!

I also have a ChuckleBerry's MySpace Page which has not been updated much.

And I am starting a ChuckleBerry's Squidoo Page.

None of these have much info at the moment but I will be adding news and updates soon.

Once you know you service or product the first part of marketing your business is to create the name and then the logo. I created these in 2002. I then added my website and the actual cards.

I am building my brand on my funny characters, funny cards and hopefully great service to my retailers and online card buyers. Help me spread the word by telling your family and friends about ChuckleBerry's Paper Card Company.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fun ChuckleBerry's T-Shirts

I am planning on taking ChuckleBerry's well beyond greeting cards. The ChuckleBerry's brand will soon be found on everything from t-shirts and mugs to coasters and hats.

I am releasing my first ChuckleBerry's T-Shirt! Be the first on your block to have one! Your friends will all be jealous. Help us out by purchasing a little CB's merchandise and being one of our loyal walking billboards.

Here is the first design. These designs are full color digital print on Hanes Beefy T's, our favorite high quality shirts. T-shirts are $24.99 with a mere $2.00 shipping. Thanks for your support!!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Free Funny Birthday eCards!

Just a very quick note:

I will be adding funny free ecards. Here's the first...

Free Happy Birthday eCard


Friday, November 14, 2008

Please Pardon The Mess

Please forgive us for the mess! The only way we could keep things going was to upload part of the new site and leave parts of the old site. We are quickly trying to get all of the new cards online. They can all be seen and ordered from the catalog pages.

We will have links to all cards, by title, on the homepage as soon as we can. If you find old cards please try not to order from the old pages. Many designs have changed and some numbers are different.

The search feature is not working at the moment and will bring up old cards. Here is an example of what the new pages will look like - sample.

Thanks a million for your patience as we muddle through this transition. We want this to be your website and for you to have as much fun as possible while ordering greeting cards.

Watch for surprises and free ecards just around the corner. If you have any questions please call me - Curtis D. Tucker 580-977-9947.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chuckles! Chuckle Heads! You've found my long lost greeting card blog. I'm Curtis D. Tucker, your host and owner of this adventure. I am a cartoonist and an entrepreneur. I have decided to take this tiny little card studio and turn it into a major player in the greeting card industry.

This will be my journal of how I am going to create an exciting new company out of a little dream I've had for years. My goal is to create one of the top brand names in the world and build one of the wackiest companies ever seen.

Follow along as I mold ChuckleBerry's Paper Card Company from a one bedroom, two person operation, into a thriving company known throughout the world. I will concentrate on paper greeting cards but will also be developing brand merchandise, licensed characters and several other fun avenues.

I'll try to keep all budding entrepreneurs informed on each step of the way and will try to show that anyone can achieve the American dream.

I thank you for reading and ask that you return often and buy a ChuckleBerry's greeting card every chance you get. More to come...


125 x 125
125 x 125

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Follow my journey as I create one of the wackiest companies in the country. I'm truly taking a business created in a spare bedroom and intend to make it one of the best known brands in the world. Watch as I take ChuckleBerry's from a two person operation to a thriving company. I'll let you know all of the major steps I will go through to reach my goal.

I'll document the important factors needed in creating a real American business, from scratch! Learn what every entrepreneur will need to know and what to watch out for. I welcome you to join me and may ask for your input from time to time. Thank you for reading and hang on for the ride!!


Curtis D. Tucker

Contact me with any comments, questions or suggestions.

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