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Wholesale Opportunities

Are you looking for a hot line of wholesale whimsical cartoon greeting cards? Well, you've landed in the right place!

Funny Cards = Serious Business

We sell funny, whimsical and sophisticated juvenile and off-the-wall greeting cards to retail outlets including florists, book stores, pharmacies, gas stations, gift shops and other fine establishments. We may be the smallest greeting card vendor on the outside but we're the biggest when it comes to spirit, humor, service and fun! We tried to take ourselves serious once but failed.

We provide a great selection of quality greeting cards in small quantities to help businesses get started from the ground up. Our paper cards can also be a fantastic addition to any existing line of cards a store may already carry. Our cards are unique and help create return customers due to the fact that our greetings are not carried in every major mart and chain store.

Family Owned
We are a 100% family owned, created and run company and we take pride in helping other family owned businesses deliver exclusive products to their clientele. We've even included the kids into the business using our two daughters as the models for our WhimsyBerry's line of cards.

Greeting Card Racks
We do sell greeting card racks! We an assortment of spinner card displays and counter displays. See our selection at

Sales Reps
At this time we do not have any sales reps to call and bug you while you're busy conducting business. We would love to sell you some cards and if you feel the need to shoot the breeze with a slick talking sales person please let us know. We'll round someone up and send them your way.

Small is the New Big
We pride ourselves on being the smallest card studio around. Although we love to supply cards to small Mom and Pop shops we would love to entertain the possibilty of supplying your chain of stores. Contact us for more information.

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