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December 2008 - Midwest CEO Magazine Interview
Goat Locker Section


“I’ve always been a doodler,” Curtis Tucker says as he thinks back on his road to success. In high school, Tucker did odd jobs designing logos and mascots for local businesses in his hometown of Enid, Oklahoma. But when college rolled around, he decided it was time to refine his doodles and become a graphic designer.

Before long, Tucker was an advertising director responsible for producing what he calls “just your basic graphic design stuff.”

But his heart was still with cartooning. “One day, I woke up and told my wife, ‘I just want to be a cartoonist,’” he says. His mind made up, Tucker started a Web site to promote his original works and soon found himself designing custom cartoons—everything from an “Indiana Jones” inspired duck to a fitness-minded bride—for companies around the world.

Truly the pioneer of Internet-based cartoon sales, Tucker was in high demand as nearby as his own backyard and as far away as Bahrain. Today, the cartoon entrepreneur has numerous sites (like to promote his illustrations, a blog ( and an online greeting card company (—not bad for a guy who admits: “I basically made up all the rules as I went along.”

Need a great entrepreneurial success story for your newspaper, magazine or TV show? How about a story on a small town sneaker wearing guy making it big creating web sites and cartoons? If you are looking for a great interview just let me know, I'm available for interviews on entrepreneurship, cartooning, greeting card design, daddy blogging, making money online, SEO and many other subjects.

Contact me: 580-977-9947

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